The FDA discretionary enforcement period is at an end. It is of the utmost importance for physicians to fully understand the regulation surrounding their practice. Utilize our free training course so that you will be able to distinguish compliant from non-compliant HCT/Ps for yourself.
 FDA HCT/P Compliance Training 
We are honored to use our expertise to help guide medical professionals through the regulatory landscape surrounding the field of regenerative medicine.
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Chief Scientific Officer
Dr. John Shou
Dr. Shou serves as the chief scientist for Baylor College of Medicine and is an integral part of research and product development  at Regenative Labs. His contributions to academia and esteem as a medical professional are a constant source of confidence within our organization.
Clinical Site Director
Mr. Johnny Torres
Mr. Torres is the Clinical Site Director at Regenative Labs and former Quality Director for  Andrews Research & Education Foundation. He works daily with Physician Partners of Regenative Labs to collect data from patient outcomes and analyze it for statistical significance for future publication into the field of medicine.
With more than a dozen Certified Tissue Bank Auditors, Regenative Labs is both competent and uniquely suited to provide you with a breakdown of the FDA's HCT/P regulatory framework. We have embraced a culture of compliance at Regenative Labs through investing in our own education and are thrilled to share with you what we've discovered. 

You are in Good Hands
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Take advantage of our comprehensive training program. As the lead supplier in the regenerative space, we felt it long overdue to provide physicians with an educational tool that breaks down FDA guidance on HCT/Ps and how they are regulated under 21 CFR Part 1271.
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